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I Have a Lover

Past the halfway mark and it's fascinating again. I'm really impressed by the acting, especially Do Hae Kang's, her mother's, and Baek Seok's. (Wrong spelling, previously) I was laughing and crying last night. The bad guy-couple are also great, though Jin Ri feels like she comes from a theatre background. She's so exaggerated. Comic evil, but one that thrives on rage and chaos, like a dark goddess. Poor Kang Seol Ri. I don't know if it's because nobody cares about the role so she doesn't have much to work with, or it's just a failure of her skills. A little bit of both? I liked the guy's explanation of why he got tempted by her. She did pretty well in the first part as the naive in-love girl, but now she's just sad and one-tone. I couldn't see her trajectory. And I wish she would just get some self-respect and leave this whole mess a little bit wiser.

My story is scrapped by the way, because the plotline now is to figure out how much culpability DHK has in her sister's fiance's death. That didn't even occur to me though it should have. Now I'm even more convinced that the company should just be scrapped altogether. Nobody except the son seems to have the moral high ground. Or actually not even him. Nobody but Dokgo Yong Ki is innocent. And maybe the doctor. I want to see their relationship develop. I confess I didn't think much of the kid, but she wowed me. I feel like the doctor; I fell for her too.

Samurai Sensei

Of course Kamiki is a bad guy, although that's still under question. People say the show is a mess. Maybe there's not enough actual teaching of kids, but I like how the twist works out. Ryouma is the one who fights smart. He's the one who adapted quickly to the era. But he's also the one who's starting some kind of revolution, and is imposing his own time's ideals on this age. Takechi, on the other hand, often resorts to fighting to solve the dilemmas earlier in the show, and yet he's the one who's going to be for preserving the status quo. That's the way the story is structured, but I'm not sure I agree about the characters.

Well Ryouma's idea won't work because the people haven't been taught about honour. And also violence never actually solves things or builds things, except in the crudest way possible. I think he should have just used the memory card and blackmailed people and gained political power. That seems to be how things are done in this modern corrupt age. While Takechi might be the one who would build an ineffectual rebellion. Same as the one before. Okay, I don't actually know Japanese history beyond reading the wiki of that particular period. I think I'm ready to watch Rurouni Kenshin by the way, after this and getting into Nobunaga Concerto. So anyway, I'm watching it for the pairing, and I posted something I'm not particularly happy with but whatever. And I'm watching it for the fight scenes.

I totally want to learn to do those stunts. Almost bought some escrima sticks last night, but I'm still iffy about importing wood here. Maybe there are actual supply stores in the area? I also almost got fake butterfly knives, but it turns out the real thing are illegal so what's the point of practising? Dives and rolls and twists and things... My strange desire to be a (male) (Japanese) (actor/stuntman) is coming out again. Same as after I watched the behind the scenes for Ouroboros with Ikuta Toma doing some really cool moves, and I saw the gif set for Sato Takeru's stunts as Kenshin.

So anyway, one more episode to go and it's done. Only 8 but they were cool.


Gave up on Bromance because I couldn't keep it together when they go make those googly eyes at each other but she still haven't told him that she's a girl for the flimsiest of reasons. Like god, who the fuck cares about some shaman predicting your death if you don't crossdress. One guy already knows, and your cousin already knows so what's telling someone else too? I just think Baron Chen got cuter in this show. I can't remember the ending of Because of You and can't find the episodes...

The forgetful detective thing is pretty good. Haven't really gotten into new dramas though. Except for Gisou no Fuufu which features a gay dude and a straight woman in a fake marriage. It's pretty cool even with all the recipe for heartbreak. Foursome? Hahaha.
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