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2015-10-13 07:11 pm

Ode to Japan

I'm not as big a fan of anime as my siblings. We basically grew up on these shows. And spent a good chunk of high school and college sharing CDs of downloaded animes with friends. They watched practically everything out there. I only managed a few. In manga, too, I have a handful that I like, that I stumbled onto, and I basically ignore everything else. I prefer live-action J-dramas and movies, but even then, I skip over anything that seems boring. So here are a few of my favourite (Japanese) things.

Naruto, up until I failed out of Shippuden. You know those filler eps that everybody hates? I love those coz they're like fanfic.
Detective Conan, but I have no desire to watch every damn episode coz I'm not crazy.
R.O.D., coz I love sisters and books.
Hyouka, coz I like mysteries, but these are small ones set in school.
Level E, which is about aliens and is epically funny
(And I'm currently watching Noragami)

Gokusen, longer and more detailed than the anime, with a lot about the yakuza side of her life, and more Shin
Skip Beat!, long, amazing manga about acting; also great revenge plot
Cat Street, about alternative education and friends
Ashita no Ousama, an amazing one about theatre
Ame Nochi Hare, genderbending, lots of possible pairings, so good for me
Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kike! (aka Komahoshi), my absolute favourite, lots of slashy undertones without really going there. So it's sort of like a platonic best friend thing, but really dancing on that line.

Nodame Cantabile, the first I watched; also changed my feelings about classical music
Nobuta wo Produce, fell for Kamenashi Kazuya because of this show
Buzzer Beat, a fun summer love story; love the girl in this (Kitagawa Keiko)
Spec 2, and the movies, Toda Erika and Kase Ryo, super crazy, sad and funny at the same time
Pin to Kona, younger actors, fun love story
Piece, odd but great; I like how it's about getting to know the pov of others in high school
Q10, Sato Takeru falls in love with robot girl
Kokoro ga Pokitto ne, crazy foursome
Ouroboros, revenge! saaad!

Rent-a-Cat, slow, soft and sweet
Instant Numa, crazy story
Turtles Swim Faster than Expected, an old oddball one
Fish Story, about the end of the world
Gravity's Clowns, tw for rape; about brothers
Solanin, based on manga, saaad

Strangely enough, I've only ever written three fics based on Japanes media. I want to do more, but it's not that big a fandom... I haven't realized how much it mattered to have readers until I started that story for Kdrama Hello Monster...