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 I'm still hanging on by the ends of my fingers.

Mostly because of Kouri Arashi's series "The Sum of Its Parts" which I have read and reread a few hundred times. (Plus a few other good fics, all of them AUs.)

The whole fandom's in collective denial. I skipped the end of the first part of season 3. (I don't even get what season we're in now) And I haven't watched the recent ones either. I'm just annoyed by a lot of it. I know others have written more articulate diatribes of things that have been going so very wrong. But my current personal peeves pretty much boils down to: Why are Kira and Allison a little too interchangeable? 

As for the whole plot thing, it's not linear at all. It's like a tree with broken branches left and right. You sort of want to take the story down one branch but then you can't connect it back to the rest of the show. I feel like if I'm going to write another Teen Wolf fic it'll be like my Harry Potter story "Bound" in which all the elements of canon are just thrown in the air and I'll just grab whatever appeals and reshuffle it. (Or should I just jump into a new fandom? But which one?)

Speaking of my stories (haha. nice segue.) I actually finally updated "Team Gibbs." It only took me four years. I ended it there though I might post one-shots or something.

I've been organizing my files and I have a bunch of wips that I don't even remember writing. Seriously. Like the one I posted on here a million years ago that I don't even know what's gonna happen next. That's really annoying. I hate wips. Especially my own. 

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 I'm sort of in the middle of planning the sequel to my Teen Wolf fic The Wolf in the Man, and then season two comes along and throws a spanner in the works. I have to take a step back and consider them separately.

Season Two
1. Grandpa Argent is about as freaky as Peter Hale, except Peter was cuter. 
2. I love the Stiles/Allison team-up to look after Scott and the pack. Scott is so high maintenance, yeah?
3. Isaac! is cute... with large wolf ears... The scene with his dad was particularly painful to watch because the video loaded so slow so we had to watch it again and again... 
4. I still think it's stupid for Derek to go and turn all sorts of teenagers. I mean, if you were interested in creating an army, wouldn't you choose better recruits? And it's not like he particularly likes the teenagers he does know. And hello, consent issues, anyone? I wouldn't expect kids at sixteen and seventeen to make irrevocable choices wisely. 
5. Jackson is such a douche. All my Jackson!feels come from fanfic. But... there has to be something there, right? Danny, why are you best friends with this guy? Seriously, explicate.
6. Lydia!love. If I will ever surrender Stiles to anyone but Derek, Lydia has my vote.
7. And of course, all the Derek/Stiles moments. Yes MTV, thank you for the fan service. 

And my story
1. I think I have to erase Grandpa Argent from having a role. He just... freaks me out a little too much. So I'm going to have to invent my own bad guy. Or girl. That means, though, that Chris Argent won't get air time either. Which is too bad because I like him. I'm just ambivalent about how his ambivalence will play out.
2. I wish I could get Allison to do more than just be Scott's girl and fire a few arrows. (Although she is kick-ass.) I feel like her personality is drowning under the hull of their Ship. (And Scott's personality is... non-existent?) Maybe someday she can get a separate POV of her own...
3. Given item number four above, how can I justify Jackson? Well, he's really annoying and Derek bit him just to shut him up? Also, he's embroiled in it already. He knows too much, and it's safer for everyone if Derek can keep him under control. I know people have reacted negatively to the Derek/Jackson thing, but I think it'll settle down into family thing rather than romantic. I just have to figure out how. And I still haven't thrown out the idea that they're actually related...
4. Stiles seems so devoted to Lydia. I'm going to have to tread delicately here. 
5. I have a basic plot in mind already, but somehow I still can't answer the question: how will Derek woo Stiles? What is he waiting for? No smex yet, yes. But a relationship can be built on other things. He's waiting for Stiles to take the next step, because he thinks he's already revealed enough when he was feral? 
6. How will Dr. Deaton collect on his favor? Especially if Derek ends up owing him yet again in this story... 
7. Oh god. This is going to be longer than I had anticipated. And then again, The Wolf in the Man was supposed to be really short...

Busy Day

May. 27th, 2012 08:45 pm
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Woke up early, and posted Chapter Five of "Chuck vs. the NSA Agent" as well as finished the Teen Wolf one-shot I've been writing for weeks called "The Wolf in the Man." They can be found here . The Chuck fic is a Chuck/Casey AU and I'm all caught up, except for some drabbles for the future. The Teen Wolf fic is Derek/Stiles, set post season one.

Oh, and I won the lotto today: 11 dollars. I never won anything in my life. I was going to give half to W because we shared money for the ticket, but he said our goal was much much higher. :P

Then my sis and I went to Day 2 of VanCAF or Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. The people there are either from Portland or are Vancouverites. I found one of my favorite zine authors Josue Menjivar and bought his "Everyday Things" and "Way Off Main." We spent so much I was surprised when I opened my wallet and found a lonely five dollar bill. 

We got a little bit of everything: buttons, stickers, prints, postcards, cheap little comics and glossy bounds compilations. It all rekindled within me a desire to make comics, too, even though my drawing skills are rusty. We also attended a panel on inking. Nothing too exciting, but I learned a few things.

Then I got home and checked on my Teen Wolf story. It was on 600+ hits. (As of posting this, it's at 800+) Which makes me happy, happy, happy! I loved writing it, even though the present tense was a bitch to get used to. So should I start on a new TW thing? Or should I go back to writing a poem a day?

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