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May. 27th, 2012 08:45 pm
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Woke up early, and posted Chapter Five of "Chuck vs. the NSA Agent" as well as finished the Teen Wolf one-shot I've been writing for weeks called "The Wolf in the Man." They can be found here . The Chuck fic is a Chuck/Casey AU and I'm all caught up, except for some drabbles for the future. The Teen Wolf fic is Derek/Stiles, set post season one.

Oh, and I won the lotto today: 11 dollars. I never won anything in my life. I was going to give half to W because we shared money for the ticket, but he said our goal was much much higher. :P

Then my sis and I went to Day 2 of VanCAF or Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. The people there are either from Portland or are Vancouverites. I found one of my favorite zine authors Josue Menjivar and bought his "Everyday Things" and "Way Off Main." We spent so much I was surprised when I opened my wallet and found a lonely five dollar bill. 

We got a little bit of everything: buttons, stickers, prints, postcards, cheap little comics and glossy bounds compilations. It all rekindled within me a desire to make comics, too, even though my drawing skills are rusty. We also attended a panel on inking. Nothing too exciting, but I learned a few things.

Then I got home and checked on my Teen Wolf story. It was on 600+ hits. (As of posting this, it's at 800+) Which makes me happy, happy, happy! I loved writing it, even though the present tense was a bitch to get used to. So should I start on a new TW thing? Or should I go back to writing a poem a day?

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