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Why did I stop posting? Well Nanowrimo happened, and then all throughout December I was focused on other things: poetry and art and work... Which is not to say that I stopped reading fanfic. Oh no. I read a whole bunch of stuff and my Pinboard account is proof enough of that. I listened to slash report podcasts, watched all sorts of new shows, and wrote nary a word.

So I am going to give myself a deadline here. I will watch Season 1 to 3 of NCIS again, and try to write more of my ongoing story Team Gibbs. But if I don't post anything at all before the year is over, (That is, 2012) I'm going to declare it officially deceased. Same goes for the Chuck fic I'm writing that is pretty much stalled at this point. 

I like writing and I love reading, but one reason why I find myself stepping back from fandom is that I'm trying to get serious about writing poetry. In fact, I think I've forgotten how to write a story. The Nanowrimo thing I did was at the pinnacle of pathetic. (Or the opposite of pinnacle.) And then there's the resolution to read more actual books. And to make art things. I just have too much on my plate...

But I will never stop reading fanfic. 

Motto I just thought up this morning: Fanfiction: diving deep into my shallowness.

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