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Hmm. Maybe it began with the horror house. It used to be a place for outsiders, started by a teacher who used to be bullied in school. But something went wrong, and a lot of kids died in the house from torture, so there were all these ghosts. And there was this one girl staring at us. I told her I'll be back to put her to rest, but she turned out to be human. And when we went to the school, they were selling horror house souvenirs. 
Either I was the little sister or the little brother (yes, gender confusion: the norm in my dreams) tagging along in the back seat of the impala. Dean found a girl who was being mind-controlled, and he removed the wooden totem stuck in the back of her head, but she collapsed, and he was going to take her somewhere else for help, but me and Sam were helping the villagers look for her, so Dean just gave her back. As we rode out of town, little kids started throwing things at us. I shouted at them angrily out the window. 
Then we got to a different place and time, and the impala turned into a stagecoach or wagon of some kind. We got out and at one point, we were holding hands like little kids. We went through a room with white people, then I got out a back door into the garden. There were black people eating together, and some of the kids were not real, because they had this curse of infertility upon them. They looked at me with flat, nut-brown eyes as if daring me to hunt them, but I just blessed them with an invocation to enrich their crops and ensure that their children grow up healthy. (Weird feeling, as I don't believe in god, so I was looking for words that didn't actually call on a god, but had to anyway.) (What's this? My inner racist revealed?) So by the time Dean and Sam got out, we were all friends, and they sent us off with a lot of fruits and vegetables in the back of our wagon. And I was thinking of making an apple pie for Dean from scratch. Yay Pioneers!Winchesters. 

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