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 I'm still hanging on by the ends of my fingers.

Mostly because of Kouri Arashi's series "The Sum of Its Parts" which I have read and reread a few hundred times. (Plus a few other good fics, all of them AUs.)

The whole fandom's in collective denial. I skipped the end of the first part of season 3. (I don't even get what season we're in now) And I haven't watched the recent ones either. I'm just annoyed by a lot of it. I know others have written more articulate diatribes of things that have been going so very wrong. But my current personal peeves pretty much boils down to: Why are Kira and Allison a little too interchangeable? 

As for the whole plot thing, it's not linear at all. It's like a tree with broken branches left and right. You sort of want to take the story down one branch but then you can't connect it back to the rest of the show. I feel like if I'm going to write another Teen Wolf fic it'll be like my Harry Potter story "Bound" in which all the elements of canon are just thrown in the air and I'll just grab whatever appeals and reshuffle it. (Or should I just jump into a new fandom? But which one?)

Speaking of my stories (haha. nice segue.) I actually finally updated "Team Gibbs." It only took me four years. I ended it there though I might post one-shots or something.

I've been organizing my files and I have a bunch of wips that I don't even remember writing. Seriously. Like the one I posted on here a million years ago that I don't even know what's gonna happen next. That's really annoying. I hate wips. Especially my own. 

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