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by Fojee
I Have a Lover non amnesia au

Do Hae Kang leaves the car as soon as she realizes it's out of gas. Then around the corner, she hears the truck. Thinking she can flag it down, she turns around and watches in horror as the truck plows into the minivan without even stepping on the break. The car spins and falls down the cliff on the side of the road. She follows instinct and throws herself behind a bush as the truck passes. The driver doesn't seem to have seen her.

The car owner's phone rings just then. She looks down at it in shock for a moment before answering. "Yobuseyo?" She answers in a shaky voice.

"Yobuseyo. Is this Director Do Hae Kang?" The woman asks, her voice tinny through the phone.

"Who are you?" Hae Kang demands. "And where are you right now?"

"I left my ID behind," the woman says, confusion in her tone. "My name is Dokgo Yong Ki. I'm sorry about stealing your car, but it was an emergency. I'm going to circle back and meet you at the service station."

"No, don't!" Hae Kang says. "Find a motel and check in. Use my ID. There's cash in my wallet. Use that. Then call me back with your location. I'll try to get to you as soon as possible."

"But why?"

"I don't know what kind of emergency you were talking about, but someone just tried to kill you. Your car is at the bottom of a ditch. I'm going to have to hitch a ride somewhere. So just do as I say, and call me back. Is that clear?"

There is silence on the other end of the phone, before the woman finally croaks out, "Okay. I, I'm sorry..."

"Don't worry about that now. Just find a motel with a covered parking lot and check in. I'm hanging up," Had Kang says impatiently and then ending the call.

She looks at the long road ahead grimly. And starts to walk.


She's dehydrated and her feet are killing her by the time a car stops. By now, Dokgo Yong Ki is already in her motel room, waiting. She had called an hour ago with her location. It's nightfall, and Do Hae Kang squints against the bright headlights and tries to peer at the person through the windshield.

"Are you alright, miss?" The man in the car calls out to her, even as he steps out.

"I'm fine," she says vaguely. "My car broke down a ways back. I would really appreciate a ride into town."

"Sure. No problem," the man says cheerfully. But when he sees her face, he looks shocked. "Wait, I know you don't I? Dokgo Yong Ki?"

"What?" Hae Kang asks. "No, sorry. You have the wrong person." But that name on his lips... She looks him up and down suspiciously. Was he an accomplice to the attempted murder?

"But you look just like her!" He exclaims. "She's my first love, you know. I'd know her anywhere."

"I said I'm not her," Hae Kang says through gritted teeth, and takes a step back from him.

He raises both hands. "Whoa. Okay. I'm not a creep, I promise. Sorry. I'll give you a ride."

Hae Kang wants to refuse, but the phone lights up again. She brings it up to her ear. "Yobuseyo."

"Director Do, I think my water just broke. What do I do?" A frantic Yong Ki says on the other end.

"Your water..." Hae Kang closes her eyes. "Are you telling me that you're pregnant right now?"

"Yes. I think my baby's coming," she says through semi-hysterical sobs.

"Alright. Pull yourself together!" She says sharply. Then turns to the man with a cutting glare. "You! What's your name?"

"Uh, Baek Seok," the man answers.

Hae Kang turns back to the phone. "Do you know someone named Baek Seok?"

Through sniffles, Yong Ki answers. "Yes. He was my boyfriend in middle school. Why?"

"Never mind. Just grab some towels and go lie down in the bathtub," Hae Kang instructs. "I'll be there soon." She hangs up and turns to the man. "You! You want to see Dokgo Yong Ki? Take me to Axis Motel about three miles up this road. And hurry!"

Baek Seok opens his mouth, but the strange woman just climbs into his car's passenger seat. When he gets back in, he hears her on the phone again.

"Doctor Kim? It's Do Hae Kang. I need a favor."


Baek Seok doesn't know what to think when the woman drags him to a motel, makes up a story at the front desk about leaving her key behind, and then with a new key card in hand, heads to a room inside.

Then he sees the woman in the bathtub, and his head spins even more. "Dokgo Yong Ki?"

The woman, ten months pregnant, and moaning like a cow, looks up at him through fogged up glasses. "Baek Seok? W-what are you doing here?"

"Never mind that. Is he trustworthy?" Hae Kang demands the girl, who nods. "Okay. The doctor's coming. How much time between contractions?" She asks while washing her hands. "You! Go boil some water and go ask for more clean towels."

Baek Seok backpedals away from the room. He rubs at his face even as he fills a kettle with water from the tap. What have I gotten myself into?


Doctor Kim, who is a former client of hers, arrives barely in time to help usher a baby girl into the world. He owes Hae Kang for getting him off a malpractice suit, so he'll keep his mouth shut. Hae Kang's mind races through the possibilities, even as she carefully wraps the baby in a clean towel.

She's beautiful.

Her heart aches, thinking of Eun Sol. Her own labor had been thirteen hours long, and yet it had been worth every second. She's sure Dokgo Yong Ki feels the same way. The woman is sleeping on the bed now, her face still lined with pain and worry.

She had sent this Baek Seok out for some supplies: diapers and bottles and milk. A quick word--and an envelope of cash--to the proprietor, and Hae Kang has received a small mattress that she settles on the floor and surrounded with pillows to serve as makeshift crib.

She sets the baby down now, careful not to wake her again--she has a healthy set of lungs, and Hae Kang hopes the motel has good enough sound proofing so as not to disturb the guests on either side. Then she digs through her luggage that Miss Dokgo has been smart enough to take with her to the room.

She doesn't have much cash left. She only had this much because she had been planning to exchange them before her flight to China.

She frowns. She needs to get to the bottom of this. She has things to do in China, very important things. But they all pale in the face of everything that happened today. And Hae Kang irrationally feels responsible for this girl and her baby. How can she leave now?


Dokgo Yong Ki opens her eyes, her hand immediately going to her stomach. But what was firm and round is now distended and empty. She flails around until a woman's soothing voice penetrates her panic.

"It's okay. Your baby's okay. She's sleeping right now. Don't wake her up," the woman keeps saying in a low murmur, as she holds Yong Ki's arms. "Hush now, just relax. You're both safe."

It's the woman, Director Do, sitting by her side.

"What happened?" She asks.

"That's what we need to ask you," the woman says.

We? Yong Ki looks around. In a sofa across the room, a man is sleeping. His face is familiar to her.

"Baek Seok is just taking a nap. If you're ready to talk, I can wake him up."

"Don't," Yong Ki protests. "He looks tired."

The woman's mouth hardens and a note of urgency enters her voice. "Dokgo Yong Ki, you need to tell us everything as soon as possible, so we can help you. Or have you forgotten that your life's in danger?"

She helps Yong Ki sit up on the bed, and then wakes Baek Seok oppa with a hand on his arm.

Yong Ki looks at him, still unable to believe that he's there. She smiles shyly, and then looks down at her hands. "Can I hold her for a bit?" She asks.

The director doesn't argue, and just hands her the baby. Yong Ki looks at her tiny face and misses her fiancé so much that she has to choke back her tears.

"You don't have to force yourself..." Baek Seok oppa says, but the director interrupts him.

"Yes, she does. It's a matter of life and death."

"Surely that's an exaggeration," oppa protests.

"It's not," Yong Ki answers. "I'm sorry to drag you both into this. But it's not an exaggeration. I stole your car, because I saw a tracker under mine. I didn't think you'd follow me. I was just trying to escape that man."

"What? What man?" Oppa demands.

"Wait. Begin at the beginning. Why would someone be following you?" The director says.

"Are you sure you don't know why?" Yong Ki asks. "You don't know who I am?"

The woman frowns. "Your name does sound familiar. Why should I know you?"

"Because it's about your work place," Yong Ki says. "I saw your business card. Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceuticals. I don't know who he is, but I think he's after me because I talked to the press about Pudoxin. I guess the term for me is whistleblower. I shouldn't have done it, but I think my fiancé died because of it, and I couldn't just stand by and let them sell the drug like that." Yong Ki knew she is rambling, but she just can't seem to stop. She tells everything about the fabrication of clinical trials, the interview she gave, what happened to her at the factory, getting paid a suitcase of money, her fiancé Sun Yeong's deleted video, the attack on the reporter, her attempted kidnapping, the tracker in the car and seeing the man at the service station. "I saw the cops take him away, so I don't know why he's walking around right now," she finishes. "But he's a really bad man."

Do Hae Kang listens with growing understanding and unease. Finally, she thumbs through her phone and shows the other woman a picture. "Do you know this man?" She asks.

"Yes," Yong Ki says, frowning. "But it's someone else. That's the Executive Director. He's the one who gave me money as compensation. And he cleared Sun Yeong's name too."

Are you sure about that? Hae Kang thinks with a sigh. "His name is Executive Director Min Tae Seok. He's my brother-in-law. My ex-brother-in-law," she corrects herself. "And if he gave you money, it's not as compensation. It's to make sure you don't talk. I do work for the same company, but even if I don't know anything about this, I know how he works. He might have even been the one to try to kill you."

Dokgo Yong Ki doesn't want to believe it, but Hae Kang glares her into silence. "For your baby's sake, don't trust anyone. Not even that reporter. I'm sure Min Tae Seok would have already offered him money by now. Your interview will probably never air."

"Wait, aren't you going to address the elephant in the room?" Baek Seok interrupts.

"What?" Hae Kang asks impatiently.

"The two of you look exactly alike even though you have different last names. You never told me anything about having a twin sister, Yong Ki-ah."

Hae Kang frowns. "What's he talking..." But her voice trails off when she meets Dokgo Yong Ki's wide eyes. It's clearer now that she's not wearing her glasses. Her face looks thinner, and her hair is in a perm, but yes, the woman lying on the bed in front of her could very well be her body double.

"I don't know what it means," Hae Kang says shakily. "My mother never told me anything..."

"Your mother?" Yong Ki asks faintly. "She's still alive?" She remembers what she overheard from her grandmother, about how she lied about Yong Ki's mother.

"Yes. She separated with my father when I was a baby, so I never knew him."

"And I grew up with my grandmother after my father died when I was five," Yong Ki adds. "Is it possible?"

"When did your father die?" Hae Kang asks. She commits Yong Ki's answer to her memory, before shaking her head. "Maybe it is. We'll have to see what my mother says about it. In fact, I think you should go to my house as soon as you can. Maybe in a couple of days, you'll both be strong enough. Can you drive her? I'll give you my address."

"Why? Where are you going?"

Hae Kang sighs. "I was supposed to go to China. I already missed my flight, but I can't leave you like this. We have to find out all the facts first so we can keep you safe."

She remembers the conversation she overheard in Executive Director Min's office, about her father-in-law stealing Ssanghwasan from his friend who died the day before the deed was ceded. It's the same date Yong Ki gave her earlier. And she remembers reading the name on the patent, someone called Dokgo Ji Hoon. Could he be Dokgo Yong Ki's father? Could he be mine, too? Is that what this is all about?

"I'll have to cancel my whole trip. I'm going to drop in on an investigator I know. He's a former cop, so he can point us to an officer that we can trust to be discreet. Then I'll drop by the company and get as much information on Pudoxin as I can. I'll meet you at my place."

"Won't your in-laws come to visit?" Baek Seok asks.

"I just got divorced," Hae Kang answers dryly. "Believe me, the last thing they'll want is to come to my house to bother my mother."

"What about my halmoni?" Dokgo Yongki asks. "I'm worried that they'll come after her next."

Hae Kang frowns. "Give me your address and I'll pick her up."

Yong Ki seems satisfied with that. Hae Kang let her rest while she pulls Baek Seok to one side. "I'll pay for the room for a couple more nights.

"Thank you," she tells him with a small smile. "Thank you for stopping for me."

Baek Seok looks down at Yong Ki. "No. I should thank you.


Hae Kang's mother is in the garden when the car comes. She looks up listlessly, not really in the mood for company. Hae Kang has only been gone a couple of days, but she's missing her already. And the house is unbearable like this, too empty. No Eun Sol running around shrieking. No Choi Jin Eon reading his notes while watching his wife. No Hae Kang preparing food or studying for a case.

But then she sees the man by the gate. His face is a little familiar. When she finally recognizes him as that man's son--meaning he's that woman's brother--she starts to get angry again.

"What are you doing here? You're not welcome here," she says with a glare.

The man squints at her. "Ah, is this Director Do Hae Kang's house?"

"So what if it is?" She demands. "I don't want you or your family anywhere near here!"

Baek Seok finally recognizes her. That drunk ahjumma that his dad brought home, who kept cursing his son-in-law for cheating. Then he realizes what she's talking about. "So the son-in-law you were talking about..." He asks in a wobbly voice.

"Is the man your sister shamelessly stole? Yes, that's right. If she's there with you, tell her not to bother coming out or I will throw something worse than dirty water in her face."

Baek Seok closes his eyes, not sure if he should laugh or cringe. What a strange twist of fate. "Ah, no, ommoni. I'm here with someone else. And your daughter Director Do sent us here."

"What?" She frowns.

The woman in the car climbs out. She seems to be holding a baby in her arms. She meets her gaze and she gasps. "Y-you!"

"Annyeong haseyo," the woman says. "My name is Dokgo Yong Ki. I'm in a little bit of trouble, and Director Do told me to come to you for help. May we come in?"

"Dokgo Yong Ki," she repeats, opening the gate in a daze and pulling the woman into her arms. "Our Dokgo Yong Ki, you're alive!" She starts to cry.

Baek Seok looks around at the neighbors and herds the two women inside. "We'll tell you everything, ommoni. But Yong Ki just gave birth and the baby needs to be fed soon."

The baby brings her out of her shock. "Come in. Let's look after this baby first, shall we?"

After she is fed and sleeping in a mattress nearby, Yong Ki finds the courage to ask, "Do you know me?"

"Yes. You're my daughter Yong Ki. Hae Kang is your unni. I gave birth to the two of you on the same night, but after your father took you and left me, I haven't seen you in thirty years," she says through her tears. She clasps Yong Ki's hands. "Tell me, how did you and Hae Kang find each other?"

And she hears the whole story.

"I really need to see my halmoni. I was in the middle of a call to her, and she's probably really worried by now," Yong Ki says.

"Bring her here," her mother says.

"Uh," Baek Seok starts. "Director Do told us not to."

"Nonsense," she retorts. "Are you going to drag an old woman everywhere? Bring her to the mall. I can meet her and take her home myself. Just make sure you're not being followed."

She's just like the director, Baek Seok thinks. She's bossy and kind of scary. He looks to Yong Ki for the final word.

She looks back. "I really want her to hold her great-granddaughter in her arms," she says softly.

"Alright," he decides. "I'll see what I can do."

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